A more efficient way to receive financial data.

Alternative to API Async Polling

Another way to receive data is by setting up a webhook endpoint in your backend.

Instead of calling the API to receive the JSON with the financial data, Flinks will make a callback to your endpoint with the JSON result of the connected accounts as soon the data extraction process is complete.


Setting up webhooks in your private instance

For us to configure your private instance with your webhook endpoint address, please contact Flinks Support team. It's not possible to test webhooks integration using a Sandbox environment.

Best Practices

Your server must accept HTTP POST requests and respond each callback with a code 200, so we can have a confirmation that the transmission of the callback was properly completed.

The quality of the data should not be treated at this point, unless if the format of the response is invalid.

You server must have a valid SSL certificate and self signed certificates are not going to be acceptable for delivery of data.

Delivery Failure

All callback delivery failure have a maximum of 10 delivery attempts, with a 30 minutes delay each. Each request has a maximum of 10 delivery attempts.


All callback requests from Flinks that don't have receive an HTTP 200 response back from your endpoint will be considered failed.