Overview of the Flinks Investments API

The /Investments endpoint gives Flinks' clients the ability to retrieve user-permissioned data on wealth or investment (terms which here can be used interchangeably) holdings across a number of different assets, classes, and institutions.

Much of how the product is structured is similar to our retail banking data aggregation response, however, there are a few new concepts that are unique to this dataset.

Here are some of those key new concepts in action, which will all be explored in depth later in this guide:

  • Institution is the financial institution where the investment accounts exist
  • Accounts are the places where investment activity occurs
  • Positions are a point-in-time snapshot of the investment portfolio
  • Securities are the details of the assets within the current or past positions
  • Transactions are the historical activities that built the current portfolio


Getting started with /Investments

By default, the /Investments endpoint is not activated. If you wish to add Investments to your integration, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist.