External Data

Start using external transactional data with Flinks Enrichment


Flinks built the Upload feature in order to allow your teams to leverage standardized, highly accurate data enrichment outputs (Attributes) regardless of the source of your financial data. This means that your team can submit external data to Flinks and receive the same insightful data that you already get from Flinks aggregated data.

What is /Upload?

  • An extension to Data Enrichment that allows you to submit external data to Flinks
  • Allows your team to benefit from standardized, highly accurate data enrichment outputs on External Data (non-Flinks)

What are the available options to submit External Data to Flinks:

  • Via the Dashboard in a simple and clean UX
  • Via the /Upload API by reformatting your data and uploading it (recommended)
  • Via the /Upload API by submitting data in an external format and allowing us to cleanse it for you

What this documentation covers:

  1. How to transform your data so that Flinks can accept it
  2. How to choose the correct Upload endpoint for your requirements
  3. How to set up and make API calls using external data

Before continuing with this implementation, please reach out to our team to ensure that all required parameters are set up on your instance to use this feature.


Before Getting Started

The APIs detailed in this documentation should be viewed as an extension of the core Flinks Enrichment services. It is recommended that you understand the concept and use cases contained within Attributes before proceeding with this implementation.


Before Getting Started (2)

You will need a secret bearer (authentication) token in order to utilize any of the /Upload API endpoints. If you do not have one already, please reach out to [email protected] to have one issued based on your private instance.


Note on Unformatted Data

This documentation will not detail how to submit data directly from another provider. If you plan on utilizing a JSON file directly from another provider without reformatting first, please reach out to our team for information on how to do so and the API schemas we currently support.