Full Account Aggregation callback.

Account Aggregation Payload

This webhook is an alternative for you to receive the financial data from a GetAccountsDetail process.

Instead of having to implement an API cached requests flow, you simply need to setup your server to listen to callbacks coming from Flinks.

Typical Usage

In a typical integration with Flinks Connect, the GetAccountsDetail process is automatically initiated in the background as soon the user is redirected with the financial institution's confirmation on the authentication.

Once all financial data is collected by Flinks, a callback will be sent to your listening server. The delay between the user's redirect in Flinks Connect until the callback will vary according to the amount of information Flinks has to process.


The callback will contain the same payload you would receive in a successful response for a GetAccountsDetail API call. The only addition in this case is the "ResponseType": "GetAccountsDetail", to specify what is the type of the callback you are receiving.

(Transactions, balance and holder abbreviated for simplicity)

    "ResponseType": "GetAccountsDetail",
    "HttpStatusCode": 200,
    "Accounts": [
            "Transactions": [...],
            "TransitNumber": "77777",
            "InstitutionNumber": "777",
            "OverdraftLimit": 0,
            "Title": "Chequing CAD",
            "AccountNumber": "1111000",
            "Balance": {...},
            "Category": "Operations",
            "Type": "Chequing",
            "Currency": "CAD",
            "Holder": {...},
            "Id": "ae1dac72-70da-4626-fed8-08d682e1ff4a"
    "Login": {
        "Username": "Greatday",
        "IsScheduledRefresh": false,
        "LastRefresh": "2019-05-09T13:47:46.5227901",
        "Type": "Personal",
        "Id": "5e115eac-1209-4f19-641c-08d6d484e2fe"
    "Institution": "FlinksCapital",
    "RequestId": "1243c283-e0ca-4fda-a5e4-343068430190"

Conciliating Users

The best way to conciliate successfully connected accounts via Flinks Connect to its data is by comparing and conciliating the loginId information from Flinks Connect redirect and the LoginId field present in the callback payload.