Response Fields

Breakdown of Response Fields.


The identifying information of the institution that you’re connecting to in order to retrieve investment data.

NameName of the Institution.string
IdUnique identifier for the institution within the Flinks system.string
Accounts(See Below)


A single institution may have one or many accounts contained within it to it. The fields within this object give an understanding of the overall state of that particular account at a given period of time.

IdA unique identifier for the investment account within the Flinks system.string
FullAccountIdFull Account information (as presented by the Financial Institution) associated with this specific investment account. Normally includes Name of Account, AccountId and Currency.string
AccountIdCleansed Account ID/Number that is associated with this specific investment account, can be used for account transfer purposes.string
NameName of the investment.string
TypeThe investment account type.

An Investment may be reported as type "unknown" for some special investments accounts offered by the institution, or when the institution doesn’t provide sufficient information for the type to be reliably determined.
enum (cash, chequing, tfsa, rrsp, fhsa, resp, rdsp, margin, short, long, lira, lrsp, rlsp, rrif, lif, lrif, prif, rpp, ipp, dpsp, spp, ndcp, nrsp, epsp, espp, esop, vrsp, unknown)
RegisteredWhether or not this is a registered account.boolean
CurrencyThe investment account settlement currency.enum (aud, btc, cad, chf, cny, dkk, eur, gbp, hkd, inr, jpy, mxn, nok, nzd, sek, sgd, twd, usd, vnd)
CashThe amount of cash in the investment account, in the account settlement currency.decimal
AccountValueThe value of the account including the cash and securities at market value.decimal
CurrencyValueThe value of the account in the account $ including the cash and securities at market value.decimal
PositionsSee Below
TransactionsSee Below


The positions show the composition of the individual securities (types of investment products) within each account and how those securities have changed in value over time.

IdA unique identifier for the position within the Flinks system.string
CategoryThe position category.string
ClassThe position class.enum (equity, fixed_income, cash_equivalent, tangible_asset, other)
BookValueThe book value of the position (the acquisition price).decimal
QuantityThe quantity of the security in the position.decimal
MarketValueThe market value of the position, in the security’s currency.decimal
GainAmountThe current gain amount of the position, in the security’s currency.decimal
GainCurrencyAmountThe current gain amount in the account $ of the position, in the security’s currency.decimal
GainPercentThe current gain percent of the position.decimal
CurrencyThe investment account currency.decimal
SecurityIdSee Belowstring


The transactions object contains a series of actions and events that occurred in order to construct the portfolio. You can think of this as an activity log or the story of how your end user got to where they are today.

IdID of the transaction within the Flinks system.string
DateThe date when the transaction occurred.timestamp
TypeThe transaction type.
(deposit, withdrawal, transfer, interest, dividend, distribution, roc, reinvest, tax, fee, sell, buy, income, unknown)
DescriptionThe transaction description. This is taken from the institution’s website.string
AmountThe transaction amount, converted to the account settlement currency.decimal
QuantityThe quantity of securities involved in the transaction.decimal
SecurityRelated Security Object.


The security object contains descriptive information about the underlying asset of the portfolio.

IdID of the security within the Flinks System.string
ISINA 12 character globally unique securities identifier.string (will be returned as null if we are unable to accurately match to the security)
CUSIPA 9 character identifier to North American Securities.string (will be returned as null if we are unable to accurately match to the security)
PriceThe price of the security at the date associated.decimal
DateThe date and time the price was updated.decimal and date
TypeThe security type.string
SymbolTicker of the security.string
AliasesAlternative names for the security.string