Attributes Specific Error Codes

HTTP Status CodeFlinks CodeDescriptionMessageSteps to Reproduce
202OPERATION_PENDINGAttributes cannot be completed because GetAccountsDetail is still in processAttributes endpoint called while GetAccountsDetail was still being processedCall Attributes before a live GetAccountsDetail has been completed
202OPERATION_PENDINGAttributes endpoint called while another Attributes call is processing for the same cardThere's a Attributes call for the same card still processingCall Attributes once, and then call Attributes again whilst the first call is still processing
400SESSION_NONEXISTENTAuthorize has not been completed, so a session has not been openedrequestId is invalid or session has endedCall Attributes without a new authorize call being made
400SESSION_EXPIREDAttributes are called when the session has expiredRequestId is invalid or session has endedWhen 8 minutes have passed after calling GetAccountsDetail in cache and the session has closed before calling Attributes
400INVALID_REQUESTIncorrect name in the request body when calling AttributesThe Attribute name is not validCall Attributes with an unsupported or incorrectly spelled Attribute Name
400INVALID_REQUESTNo Attributes contained within the body of the requestAt least a single attribute must be providedCall Attributes with no Attribute Names in the body of the request
400INVALID_REQUESTAn unsupported filter was included in the callOne or more filters are invalidCall Attributes with the filter parameter set to anything other than Operations
400INVALID_REQUESTThe AccountId: {AccountId} in AccountFilter is not validThe AccountId shown is not validCall Attributes with an unsupported AccountId
400INVALID_REQUESTIf AccountFilter is used, at least one accountId must be providedIf AccountFilter is present at least a single accountId must be providedCall Attributes with the AccountFilter parameter, but no accountId's.
400RETRY_LATEROccurs when we are unable to complete the Attribute calculations, please wait before calling again or contact us at [email protected]We were not able to process attributes for this cardN/A
400NO_TRANSACTIONOccurs when we are unable to complete the Attribute calculations because there were no transactionsNo transactions were foundN/A
403FEATURE_DISABLEDAttributes is not enabled for your instance. Please contact [email protected] to get the service enabledThe Attributes feature is currently disabled on your instance, please contact [email protected] for more informationCall Attributes in a production environment with a clientId that does not have the Attributes Service enabled
404NO_TRANSACTIONNo transactions are detected because GetAccountsDetail has not been calledNo transactions were foundCall Attributes without first calling GetAccountDetails
404NO_TRANSACTIONNo transactions error returned because the underlying account has no transactionsNo transactions were foundCall Attributes when the account selected has no transactions
404NO_TRANSACTIONNo Transactions error returned because there are no transactions in the specified account type filterNo transactions were foundCall Attributes when the account filter selected has no transactions
404ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDWhen using AccountFilter, you have to use a valid accountId in the requestOne or more Accounts in the AccountFilter was not foundCall Attributes with an incorrect AccountId in AccountFilter