Retrieving Issued PDF from Financial Institutions


Type: String (enum), Optional
Values: MostRecent, Months3, Months12
Default value: MostRecent
You can provide this parameter to control the number of statements per account you want.

The system will try to get the X most recent statements available per account for the given credentials. Note that if MostRecentCached was set to true in the Authorize call, the NumberOfStatements parameter will be ignored and all the cached statements per account will be returned.

Important: If you use Months12, the AccountsFilter will be mandatory and must contain only a single account.


Type: Array of Guids, Optional
If provided, it will restrict the statements returned for the given account(s).
To use this parameter, you must know the accountid(s) for the accounts you want info,
meaning that you will need to implement an account selection with /GetSummary call before /GetStatements to acquire the selected accountIds.