This endpoint will allow your teams to generate Broad Categorization Responses from External Data.

This endpoint differs from the previous /Upload endpoints. You should use this endpoint if you are looking to return Broad Categorization - Broad Categorization is defined at Flinks as attempting to return both a Category and a SubCategory on every single transaction.

This differs from our other /Upload endpoints, as they are more focused on Attributes - where the models are focused on depth over breadth. Currently, we only support this feature within the US Market.

In order to use this endpoint, your transactions object must be formatted in the same way as defined under the Transforming External Data section of this documentation.


Note on Authorization

In order to access and use any of the /Upload Endpoints you will need a secret authorization token from Flinks. If you do not already have one, please reach out to [email protected]

Request Fields

Origin CountryTells the API to use a specific country model. Only accepted values are:
- “us”
TransactionsContains the previously formatted transactions (defined earlier in this documentation) that you are uploading to Flinks.Yes
UserIdentifierUserIdentifier is an optional ID used to identify a request. It replaces the randomly generated GUID value within the Card when it is present and is normally used to map to an ID on your side to relate the user once a response has been received. It is simply passed through to the response.No


Note on Optional Parameters

All Optional Parameters listed in the 'Optional Parameters' section of this documentation can also be utilized by embedding them within the 'Options' object.