Payments Optimization

A dedicated endpoint to return all insights and information necessary to perform and optimize your user payments.


Flinks built the Payments Optimization feature in order to allow your teams to understand and optimize the chance of a user's payments being successful in the future. It allows you to quickly and easily verify if a user's balances and cash flow can support a payment of a given amount, as well as understand the most optimal day(s) to set up the corresponding payment.

This API works by ingesting information from your teams and combining that with the end-users data to provide a simplified output that provides all information needed to setup a payment schedule.

What is Payments Optimization?

  • A standalone product that requires transactional data (either through Connectivity or Upload)
  • Allows your team to submit additional data to Flinks and benefit from standardized, highly accurate payment date estimations and recommendations

What are the available options to generate a Payments Optimization response?:

  • Only via the Payments Optimization API at the current time.

What this documentation covers:

  1. How to set up and make calls to Payments Optimization API
  2. How to understand and read responses

Before continuing with this implementation, please reach out to our team to ensure that all required parameters are set up on your instance to use this feature.