Get the Registration Status for All Data Recipients

Use the /api/v1/recipients/providers/requests endpoint to check the registrations status of all Data Recipients.

To successfully call this endpoint, you must first call the /Token endpoint to obtain a valid access_token using the following settings:

  • grant_type: client_credentials
  • client_id: {partner client_id}
  • client_secret: {partner client_secret}
  • scope: client:admin

The following is a list of possible registration statuses.

PENDING_APPROVALA partner has sent a registration request and is awaiting approval from Flinks.
PENDING_ACTIVATIONFlinks has approved the registration request it's been sent to the Data Provider for activation.
ACTIVEThe Data Provider is registered with the Data Recipient. The Data Recipient can successfully use the Flinks Open Banking API for this particular Data Provider.

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