Use this endpoint to check on the status of a payment request by providing the requestId of a previously generated payment.

Get the status of a payment request

In order to check on the status of a payment request and confirm it has been completed, you are able to re-call the /PaymentRequests endpoint - but rather than submitting the creation of a new request, you will use GET to retrieve the status of a previously created request.

Please note that you will have to use the /Authorize endpoint to authenticate and generate an access_token before calling this endpoint. If implemented, it is recommended that you are able to poll this endpoint every 30 seconds until you receive an update in the status field. However, it is highly recommended to use Events as detailed in the quick start guide in order to provide the user the best experience on the front-end.

Once authenticated, you can provide the previously generated requestId of a payment transaction to receive an update on the current status of the given transaction. The API will return with this status (see below for currently supported statuses) as well as the ReferenceId provided upon generation of a session. Finally it also includes the original PaymentLink that was generated for the given transaction, this can be used to represent the link to the user if it is still in an 'initiated' state.

Payment Status

Please find all currently available statuses and descriptions below.

InitiatedRequest for Payment has been received and ready for processing by the end-user.
ProcessingUser is processing the transaction and transaction is ready to be fulfilled.
AcceptedUser has accepted the payment request at their Financial Institution and the funds flow has started. Funds are guaranteed at this stage.
ProcessedFlinks has processed the transaction and is awaiting settlement to your account.
SettledPayment request successfully completed and fund transfer has been initiated to your account.
CancelledPayment was cancelled before being initiated.
ExpiredEnd user did not action the payment request and the request has expired. You will need to initiate a new request if necessary.
DeclinedEnd user has declined the payment request at their Financial Institution.
FailedPayment request has failed.
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