List of Data Access Errors

If an error occurs while you're using the Data Access endpoints, you will receive a message similar to the following:

  "code": code,
  "message": "message",
  "debugMessage": "Provider custom developer-level error details for troubleshooting"

Each error response will include two troubleshooting headers:

  • ob-correlation-id
  • ob-trace-id

If you need help from Flinks to troubleshoot and resolve an error, provide the header that you received in the response.

Supported Errors

We recommend that you set up your configuration to expect and handle the following errors.

CodeMessageStatus Code
401Invalid Input400
403Subscription not found403
500Internal server error500
501Subsystem unavailable405
503Scheduled maintenance503
601Customer not found404
602Customer not authorized401
701Account not found404
702Invalid start or end date400
703Invalid date range400
704Account type not supported422
705Account is closed409
800Payee not found404
801Payee cannot be modified or deleted400
802Payment not found404
1107Data not found for request parameters404
1203Content type not supported406
1207Too many requests were sent within a short period of time429

Common Error Scenarios

To resolve an error, locate the error you are experiencing and complete the recommendations under the Action column.

Consent Errors

This type of error is caused by an issue with the end-user's consent.

ScenarioCodeStatus CodeAction
The end-user revokes consent, consent has expired, or they have not consented to a specific data scope.602401If the request fails for all data collection calls, discard the refresh_token. The user will be required to authorize again.

Transient Failures

This type of error is caused by a temporary condition and may resolve itself quickly.

ScenarioCodeStatus CodeAction
Too many requests1207422Implement an appropriate throttling mechanism.
An unexpected error has occurred500/503500/502/503Implement an appropriate retry mechanism to resend the request.

Non Transient Failures

This type of error is caused by a specific issue that must be addressed. You will continue to see this error until the issue is corrected.

ScenarioCodeStatus CodeAction
Invalid input401/702/703400The request is malformed. If this occurs when the data is fetching while paging, you can be assume the data that's been collected up to this point is valid.
Subscription not found403403The subscription for a given user was not found. Notify Flinks if you receive this error for all users of a particular Data Recipient.
Account Not Found701404This account was not found. Try again using a different account.
Account type is not supported704422The request is not supported for either the endpoint you're calling, the parameters you're passing, or for the account you are requesting.
Subsystem Unavailable501405The information you're requesting is not available for that particular Data Provider.

Issues with the access_token

If the access_token is expired or invalid, you'll receive a non-standard error (a 401 or 403 HTTP status code) and a message that looks similar to the following. (In this example, the code and debugMessage field are missing.)


If you experience this error, fetch a new access_token by calling the Token endpoint and using refresh_token as the grant type.


If you are still experiencing issues

If you complete the steps above to receive a new token but continue to experience the same error, it may be consent related. For more information about how to resolve a consent error, see the Consent Errors section.

Escalating the error to Flinks

If you need help to troubleshoot and resolve your error, contact Flinks and provide the following information:

  • The error code you're seeing
  • Actions you've taken to resolve it
  • The troubleshooting header you received in the response

If the access_token is expired or invalid, you'll receive a non-standard error (a 401 or 403 HTTP status code) and a message that looks similar to the following: