Choose the Correct Endpoint

This section will break down the available endpoints that you can call with External Data so that you can understand the differences better and which one may suit your integration the most.

/Upload (Custom)


This is the core /Upload Endpoint and is the equivalent of the standard custom /Attributes endpoint. This endpoint should be used where you have a custom set of Attributes to request, and would like to specify those directly within the JSON request body. You must already have a list of Attributes names that you would like to include before starting this integration.

All Attributes


This endpoint is an extension of the core /Upload endpoint as described above, and is the most widely used /upload endpoint (a good place to start). When using this endpoint you will not need to specify a list of Attributes or AttributesDetails to request. It will automatically return all available attributes that we have in production at that specific request time. By default, if you call this endpoint specifying any Attributes, we will override that request and return all attributes.

Use-Case Specific Endpoints

Flinks also maintains multiple ‘use case’ specific endpoints. Rather than submitting your Attributes within the request body (as is the case for the standard /Upload call) these endpoints will automatically return all attributes that fall under the specific use case requested. Please refer to the Attributes documentation and Quickstart Guide for a full list of Attributes that are included in each of these endpoints. By default, if you call this endpoint specifying any Attributes, Flinks will override that request to return the specific Attributes contained within that use case.

User Analysis Use Case

This endpoint will return all User Analysis attributes.

Income Use Case

This endpoint will return all Income attributes.

Credit Risk Use Case

This endpoint will return all Credit Risk attributes.


Note on Usage of Endpoints

Your team may only have access to one of the above use cases (dependent on the package taken at time of onboarding) - please ensure that you only set up requests to the available endpoints for your integration to avoid any complications.