For Partners

Complete the following sections to use the Open Banking API as a Partner.

1. Get an access token

To call any of our Endpoints for Partners, use the client credentials that we provided to you during onboarding to obtain an access_token.

Call the /Token endpoint using the following settings:

  • grant_type: client_credentials
  • client_id: {partner client_id}
  • client_secret: {partner client_secret}
  • scope: client:admin

If the request is successful, you'll receive an access_token:

  "access_token": "{access_token}"

Store the access_token in a secure location as you will need it to make future API calls.

Each access_token has an expiry date that's defined in the expires_in of the response. When an access_token expires, discard it and complete this step again to obtain a new one. If you pass an expired or invalid access_token, you'll receive a 400 error response.

2. Register to Data Providers

If this is your first time using the Open Banking API, register to the Data Providers your customers are working with so they can securely share the customer's financial data with them.

Call the /Recipients/providers/requests endpoint to submit a registration request and provide the ID of the Data Provider(s) you want to register with. Flinks reviews the request and approves it.

To check the status of a registration, call the /Recipients/{client_id}/providers/requests endpoint.

The following is a list of possible registration statuses.

PENDING_APPROVALA partner has sent a registration request and is awaiting approval from Flinks.
PENDING_ACTIVATIONFlinks has approved the registration request it's been sent to the Data Provider for activation.
ACTIVEThe Data Provider is registered with the Data Recipient. The Data Recipient can successfully use the Flinks Open Banking API for this particular Data Provider.