Data Sharing

A collection of API's that allows you to share specific and limited end-user data with your partners.

This section walks you through how to securely share user account data with a trusted third-party.

The most common use case of this service is to securely share a user's account information with a payment service provider of your choice.

This service enables user data to be transmitted directly and securely to a partner without your team having to handle or map that data.

There are two parts to this flow, one concerns the client side (giving access to a partner) and once concerns the partner side (a partner retrieving the data). For brevity, we refer to a Client as a provider of information, and a Partner as a retriever and processor of information.

Client-Side Steps:

  1. Generate an Auth Secret to validate and share with a partner (one-time)
  2. Generate an Access Token to share with a partner (performed for each user)

Partner-Side Steps:

  1. Use the AuthSecret and AccessToken shared by client to retrieve user-specific Account Information