Use the /PartnerData endpoint if you are a client of Flinks and want to grant access for a partner to retrieve data that is processed by Flinks. This endpoint generates a unique Access Token that's associated with a specific user. It's created based on the user's LoginID and the AccountId. Your partner uses this Access Token to retrieve data for that specific user.

Access Tokens are valid for 30 days from the time they are created. To extend an Access Token by 30 days, call this endpoint again and provide the same information that you provided in the previous call.

Depending on your processes, your partner may need to provide information in addition to an Access Token. For example, if you are using a payments processor, you will likely attach the Access Token when creating a user. Let your partner know if there is additional information that they require for a successful API call.


Deleting Cards

If you call the /DeleteCard endpoint to delete data for a specific user, Access Tokens that are associated with that user will immediately become invalid and no data will be available for the partner to retrieve.