Use the /GetAccountsSummaryAsync endpoint to get pending requests from /GetAccountsSummary.

To successfully call this endpoint, you must first call the /Authorize endpoint to obtain a valid requestId.

Checking if the request is still pending

When you receive a 202 HTTPS response from /GetAccountsSummary stating that your request is still pending, you must call the /GetAccountsDetailAsync endpoint every 10 seconds to check if the data is finished processing for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Your request will likely take a few seconds to process, but setting a 30 minute timeout avoids infinite loops of this request.

Receiving the data after it's processed

You'll get a 200 HTTP response when the data is finished processing.

The API delivers the data to you as a JSON payload in a standard format, and your servers can start to handle it in the way that your use case is set up to.