FlinksPay is a payment processing service that allows your customers to pay for purchases, fund accounts, make loan repayments and more using Interac e-Transfer Request Money.

When you implement FlinksPay, your customers can utilize sending an E-Transfer from their bank account as their method of payment whilst being contained within a singular user-experience.

Pay By Bank provides a seamless transaction process, for both you as a business and for your customers.
An integration to FlinksPay (E-Transfer) is typically composed of four main elements:

  1. Onboarding and Verification
  2. Setting up the end-user experience
  3. Initiating a request for payment session
  4. Reconciling Payments

Utilizing E-Transfer Request-for-money via FlinksPay allows you to initiate a request to any given user and have them instantly and easily send funds to you.

Once the application is set up, the next step is to start actually making transactions. In order to do this, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Authorize with the API to validate identity and start the process (/Authorize)
  2. Use the token generated during the authorization and your end-user / payment information to initiate an app session (/Sessions/Initiate)
  3. Validate the session and activate the payment request by calling /PaymentRequests
  4. Use the activated sessionId to launch the FlinksPay application by appending the sessionId to base app URL
  5. (Optional) Retrieve real-time statuses on payment requests by using the PaymentRequests GET endpoint.

Throughout the app session, there will be multiple events that will be thrown based on the activity of the user and the session information. Please refer to the quick start guide for a full breakdown of these events. If you do not wish to monitor these events, all initiated sessions and transactions can be reviewed in real-time within the Flinks Customer Dashboard or via the PaymentRequests API.

Flinks also provides daily reconciliation files which include all information on every single transaction processed (Successful and Errors) within a given day. This file is available either within your Payments Dashboard, or can be set up to be sent automatically to an email of your choice.