The fastest way to receive user's personal information.

Quick Identity Verification

The KYC webhook is the quickest way for you to receive the KYC from an user, and it’s specially useful for use-cases where all financial data is required, but it’s time essential to retrieve the KYC as quickly as possible.


The KYC hook can improve the user experience for use-cases that require users to be present during identity verification and data such as transaction history is required for later use once the user is gone.

Differently from the GetAccountsDetail hook, the KYC callback is delivered as soon as the user's personal information is processed, without the need of waiting for all GetAccountsDetail information to be processed.


To activate this feature, please contact us at [email protected]!


The payload for this hook will carry all KYC information directly on the Holders list. You can identify this specific callback by the field "ResponseType": "KYC".

  "ResponseType": "KYC",
  "HttpStatusCode": 200,
  "Holders": [
      "Name": "Ron Swanson",
      "Address": {
        "CivicAddress": "1001 Rue Lenoir Suite A114",
        "City": "Montreal",
        "Province": "QC",
        "PostalCode": "H4C 2Z6",
        "POBox": null,
        "Country": "CA"
      "Email": "[email protected]",
      "PhoneNumber": "(555)555-555"
  "Login": {
    "Username": "Greatday",
    "IsScheduledRefresh": false,
    "LastRefresh": "2019-06-21T16:24:16.2076448Z",
    "Type": "Personal",
    "Id": "5242ace2-f3b4-4260-1232-08d6f664d244"
  "Institution": "FlinksCapital",
  "RequestId": "a2e75c5c-55e9-3842-93ad-6c9c9deb4682"

After receiving the KYC callback, you will later receive a GetAccountsDetail callback, once all the information is processed for the user. You can conciliate all callbacks by tracking the received LoginId.