Generating a new requestId

Each time you want to have access the data from a previously connected account, you need to generate a new requestId with Flinks by calling /Authorize with a loginId. This is a necessary step as you are specifying the account you are asking for data.

As you can see in this example, the only required parameters needed for this API request is the loginId and MostRecentCached:true, as you need to call the API in cached mode.


Cached Mode

As in this case we're calling the API in Cached Mode, don't forget to specify the "MostRecentCached:true" parameter


After the request is made to the API, the response should be nearly instant. A 200 code reply means that a session was successfully initiated and a valid requestId was issued.

    "Links": [...],
    "HttpStatusCode": 200,
    "Login": {
        "Username": "Greatday",
        "IsScheduledRefresh": false,
        "LastRefresh": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
        "Type": "Personal",
        "Id": "f1e9ac76-229a-4c09-a74a-08d698495cd7"
    "Institution": "FlinksCapital",
    "RequestId": "077785a3-fd0f-42f7-9251-ee2ff7f3b4ff"