Using a Custom API Integration

Clients who are not using Flinks Connect or another Flinks product can still work with us by setting up a custom API integration. Custom integrations allow you to connect with our APIs so that you can retrieve data.

How does it Work?

Custom integrations use the following process:

  1. Call the /OAuth/Authorize endpoint to initiate the OAuth 2.0 flow.

  2. The end-user is redirected to their bank's login screen.

  3. The end-user enters their login credentials.

  4. (Optional) The end-user completes multi-factor authentication (MFA) if their bank requires them to.

  5. If the login credentials are correct and MFA is successfully completed, your redirect_uri is called and the loginId and state fields are passed.

  6. Call the/Authorize endpoint to initiate the authorization flow with Flinks. Pass the loginId that you received in the previous step.

  7. If successful, you'll receive a 200 response and you can start using the Flinks API to retrieve data. If unsuccessful, the end-usr will receive an error response stating why it failed.

To set this up, see Set Up a Custom API Integration.


This integration is only available to select clients

We typically recommend connecting with us through a Flinks product. For more information about our products, speak with your Flinks Representative.