Save Your loginIds

Flinks issues a unique loginId for each customer who successfully authenticates through Flinks Connect. It's used in combination with a requestId to access the financial data for that particular customer. The loginId for an account doesn't expire and it never changes unless it's deleted. If you need to delete a loginId, use the /DeleteCard endpoint.

Store each customer's loginId in a secure location in your servers and never share it publicly.

  1. Retrieve the loginId that Flinks sends you using one of the following methods:
    1. (Recommended) Use a JavaScript event listener that contains step:REDIRECT:
      {step: "REDIRECT", institution: "FlinksCapital", url: ""}
    2. Flinks adds the loginId and institution to the URL after a successful connection. Retrieve it from here:
  2. Send the loginId to your server app for storage.