Enrich Your Data Using Attributes

About this Flinks solution

Enrichment is a Flinks solution that allows you to automatically transform raw transactional data into real-time, actionable insights using data attributes. Each attribute reveals information about your customer's financial profile and consumer behaviour.

Put simply, data attributes are outputs of organized and transformed transactional data. You'll receive enriched data, through attributes, to gain a better understanding of your clients' behaviour without having to deal with categorization, cleaning, or any of the tedious tasks that are typically required when working with raw data.

Flinks offers several attributes packages that you can choose from. We structure these packages in tiers, based on the data you want to receive.

For more information about our Enrichment solution, speak with your Flinks Representative.


Getting started

To get started with Enrichment, complete the following:

What’s Next

Ready to unlock the potential of Transactional Data? The next steps will take you through how to set up the integration to the /Attributes service.