Enrich your Data

Start taking advantage of transactional data by using Attributes


How Flinks generates Attributes

Assuming that you have already set up Flinks Connect and started your back-end integration to make API calls, you’re now all set up to initiate the process of taking that data one step further by utilizing Attributes.

A quick overview of Attributes

Attributes automatically transform the raw transactional data (that you get through the /GetAccountsDetail endpoint) into real-time, actionable insights. Each data attribute reveals an aspect of your clients’ financial profile and consumer behavior.

Put simply, data attributes are outputs of organized, cleansed and transformed transactional data. You get the benefits of using enriched data to feed your models and gain a better understanding of your clients' behavior — without having to deal with categorization, cleaning, or any of the multitude of other tedious tasks that arise when working with raw data.

They can be put together like building blocks to create a far superior understanding of your clients’ behavior. We currently provide use-case specific packages of Attributes, as well as custom packages. Feel free to play around with the integration and reach out when you’re ready to go live.

Attributes are structured as tiered access (please see below for the relevant tiers, and how they relate to our various endpoints). For more information / to get started, please reach out to [email protected]

What’s Next

Ready to unlock the potential of Transactional Data? The next steps will take you through how to set up the integration to the /Attributes service.