List of FlinksPay Events

Set up an event listener to monitor your customers as they progress through the FlinksPay flow. To provide the best possible user experience, set up your integration to respond to each event.

The following table lists all customer events that FlinksPay may notify you about.

Event NameDescription
APP_MOUNTEDThe Flinks Pay application has successfully loaded
CONFIRMATIONThe first page of the Flinks Pay flow has been loaded (confirmation acceptance).
APP_INITIATEDSession data has successfully located and a sessionId was created.
INSTITUTION_SELECTIONThe institution selection page was successfully loaded.
INSTITUTION_SELECTEDThe user has selected their financial institution and was redirected to their institution's login page to complete the payment.
SUCCESSThe user has successfully completed the payment with their financial institution and the funds are guaranteed. The user can be let go at this point.
CLOSE_ATTEMPTThe user has clicked on the close button.
CANCEL_CONFIRMATIONThe confirm cancellation protection page has been opened.
CLOSEThe user has confirmed that they are cancelling the Flinks Pay flow.
BACKThe user has clicked on the back button.

Although this is optional, we highly recommend building this into your integration. For more information about the responses you can set up, contact your Flinks Representative.