Process Customer Payments using FlinksPay

Learn how FlinksPay works and what your customers will see when they send funds.

FlinksPay is a payment processing service that allows your customers to transfer funds to you using Interac e-Transfer Request Money.

It provides a seamless transaction process for both you as a business and for your customers. FlinksPay allows your customers to make payments from almost any bank account in Canada, with funds guaranteed almost immediately.

How it works

At a high level, this is how the process works when you initiate FlinksPay as your customer's payment method:

  1. The customer is asked to confirm their transfer. From there, they’re redirected to the FlinksPay application and asked to select their bank.

  2. We initiate an Interac money transfer request to the customer’s bank. We provide information about the transaction including the payee, transaction amount, reference number, and more.

  3. The customer is asked to perform the following actions:

    1. Enter their login credentials to authenticate with their bank.

    2. In some cases, they may be asked to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA).

    3. Accept the money transfer request, once they’re logged in.

    4. The customer’s bank notifies Flinks that the customer has accepted the request, then debits the funds from the customer’s account.

    5. The customer's bank displays a confirmation message stating that the transaction is complete.

    6. You can now redirect your customer back to your site (or close the application).

  4. At the end of each day, we consolidate all of your payments and send it, using an electronic funds transfer (EFT), to the account that you have with your financial institution.

  5. We complete a comprehensive reconciliation of all transactions and investigate any discrepancies.

  6. We email you an end-of-day (EOD) report that contains your consolidated daily payments. The report contains the following information about each payment:

    1. referenceId to identify the transaction
    2. Transaction amount
    3. Customer name
    4. Customer email address
    5. Date that the Interac e-transfer money request was created on
    6. Date that the transaction was completed on

The information available in your EOD Report is also available in your Flinks Dashboard.