Special Authentication Flows

Some banks have unique special flows that you may encounter while your end-user is attempting to connect to their bank account. It is possible to test them with FlinksCapital to ensure that you can support them correctly.

Also take note that all the following username share the same password :

Password: "Everyday"

Questions + Image Selection MFA

After answering the usual MFA question, the client must select his personal image from a list.

To test this, change the username to: test_laurentienne

Iterable MFA Questions

Sometimes, the institution will ask the client to reset their MFA questions and answers during the account connection step. This situation happens when the bank has determined that a suspicious login attempt was recently made.

To test this, change the username to: test_rbcsecurity

Trusted Device or Push Notification flow

Some institutions have a flow in which a trusted user’s device receives a notification to confirm the authentication.
To test this, change the username to: test_realtime

Different types of MFA

Similar to the Iterable MFA Questions, this flow happens when the user incorrectly answers their MFA question 3 times in their latest login attempt.

The client will first have to confirm their identity by answering a question only they should know the answers to. After this successful confirmation, the client must recreate a new set of 3 questions and answers. Here are all the possible types of questions :
QuestionAndAnswer with Prompt
MultipleChoice with Iterables
MultipleChoiceMultipleAnswers with Iterables
QuestionAndAnswer with Iterables

To test this, change the username to: test_scotiasecurity

One Time Passcode (OTP)

Some financial institutions have activated two factor authentication, requiring the user to select a phone number and an action (Text or Call), then enter a security code.

To test this, change the username to: test_td