Credit Risk Attributes

Use this endpoint if you need a high-level overview of your users basic income sources and credit risk measures. /GetCreditRiskAttributes

This is a primary basic use-case of Attributes and is often utilized by organizations that need to conduct a high-level risk analysis of their users. It contains all basic Attributes needed to view your users overall Financial Information, Employment Income sources, Non-Employment Income sources, Loan Payments, Bill Payments and Additional Risk Analysis measures - this is often used in manual processes. Please find a breakdown of the Attributes contained within this use-case below.

Account Overview

  • Minimum Balance Detected (Last 90 Days)
  • Days with a Negative Balance
  • Average Monthly Free Cash Flow
  • Balance Trend

Employer Income Overview

  • Employer Name
  • Average Monthly Employer Income
  • Employer Income Trend
  • Sum of Employer Income (Per Month, last 12 months - 13 Attributes) *
  • Count of Employer Income (Per Month, last 12 months - 13 Attributes) *

Non-Employer Income Overview

  • Average Monthly Non-Employer Income
  • Average Monthly Government Income
  • Total Deposits Trend

Loan Payments Breakdown

  • Average Monthly Auto-Loan Payments
  • Average Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • Average Monthly Micro-Loan Payments
  • Average Monthly Student Loan Payments
  • Average Monthly Other Loan Payments

Committed Bill Payments Breakdown

  • Average Monthly Utility Payments
  • Average Monthly Telecom Payments

Additional Risk Analysis

  • Count of NSF Fees (Last 90 Days) *
  • Count of Stop-Payment Fees (Last 90 Days) *
  • Average Monthly Micro-Loan Payments
  • Micro-Lender Name
  • Average Monthly Expenditure
  • Account Age in Days