Receive Data From Us

The next step is for your server to send a request for data. This request uses the /GetAccountsDetail endpoint, which also needs to be made using a POST method, and only requires the acquired requestId.

Continuing our example using our requestId (1243c283-e0ca-4fda-a5e4-343068430190), it looks like this:

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{

The most common first response to get in a request for data returns a HTTP 202 FlinksCode: OPERATION_PENDING, meaning that the data you are requesting is still being processed.

Here's an example of a typical API response for data pending processing:

    "FlinksCode": "OPERATION_PENDING",
    "Links": [...],
    "HttpStatusCode": 202,
    "Message": "Your operation is still processing",
    "RequestId": "1243c283-e0ca-4fda-a5e4-343068430190"

Because of this, your server needs to expect and be able to handle this response and proceed poll the request (link to async poll code samples) to receive the data, which is described in the next step.


Your integration must handle the 202 OPERATION_PENDING response.