Set Up Investments

Complete the following steps to set up Investments enrichment.

  1. Set up your environments.
  2. Set up your API connection.
  3. Set up Flinks Connect if you have not already done so.
  4. Ask your Flinks Representative to enable Investments in your Flinks Connect Integration.
  5. Set up your website or app to allow pop-ups to open. The Investments screen in Flinks Connect displays in a pop-up window and prompts the end-user to authenticate themselves by entering their login credentials.
  6. Set up your iframe URL parameters to specify the type of data that you'll be collecting.
  7. Have your customers connect their investment accounts, then store their loginIds.
  8. Optionally, keep track of each user's events in the iframe by setting up the Event Listener.
  9. Choose how you want to receive Investments data (by API connection or automatically through Webhooks), then set it up.
  10. Complete testing to confirm your integration is working as expected.
  11. When everything is set up correctly and working as expected, go to production.