Confirm Your Customer's Identity

About this Flinks solution

Use our Field Matching service if you need to confirm your customers’ identity, confirm account ownership, or verify the accuracy of the information before connecting a customer’s bank account to your financial service.

When you enable this feature in your Flinks Connect integration, we’ll review the information the customer has provided you against the information on the account they’re attempting to connect. We’ll let you know if the results are a match.

How it works

The Field Matching service is built into your existing Flinks Connect flow.

When a customer starts the process to connect their bank account to your application, call the /FieldMatch API and send us your customer’s data. We’ll review particular data points on the account they’re attempting to connect, including the full name and postal code.

Set up your configuration to handle the next steps depending on the results you receive. For example, if the response you receive indicates a match, you may want to set up your integration to proceed with the account connection process. To discuss the different ways your configuration can handle the results you receive, contact your Flinks Representative.

To get started, see Set Up the Field Matching Service.