Set Up Your Environments

Flinks provides you two environments:

  • Sandbox: a testing space that you use to set up your Flinks integration and test that it's working correctly.
  • Production: a live, production space that allows you to connect real accounts and start using your Flinks product.

Setting up the Sandbox environment

Flinks provides you with a Sandbox environment that you can use to try out our products. Use it to test your integration and confirm everything is working as expected. All of the examples in our documentation refer to the Sandbox environment to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along.

We provide you with a test institution, Flinks Capital, that you can use for testing purposes. For security and privacy reasons, you can't make live connections to real financial institutions in this environment.

When you're ready to get started, contact your Flinks Representative and ask them to set you up with a test environment.

Setting up the Production environment

Ask your Flinks Representative to set you up with a private Production environment in advance, so that you're ready to go-live when testing is complete.

When the development and testing process in the Sandbox environment is complete, it's time to move your Flinks configuration over to the Production environment. Make sure that all of your API calls and iframe URLs are pointing to your private Production environment and not the Sandbox environment.

Once you go-live, you can start connecting to real accounts and experience the full Flinks service.

You can still make requests to Flinks Capital in the Production environment at no cost, but you'll receive an invoice for all successful live requests.