Match Rate Examples

The Field Matching service allows you to confirm your customers’ identity, confirm account ownership, or verify the accuracy of the information before connecting a customer’s bank account to your financial service.

The /FieldMatch API responds by providing a match rate, along with the data points on the account that the customer is attempting to connect. The match rate refers to how closely the customer information that you pass using /FieldMatch resembles the data points on the account.

Refer to the table below for a description of each match score range. For examples of what this can look like in real life, see Matching Examples.

RangeDescriptionWhen to use
1Exact MatchThe data points are an exact match and the fields contain identical customer information.
0.80-0.99Strong MatchThere may be some spelling errors, nicknames, abbreviations, or missing characters in the data fields, but the information is a very close match.
0.65-0.79Possible MatchThere may be aliases or missing information, but the data points have some similarities.
0.50-0.64Unlikely matchThe accounts have similar information, such as a last name or postal code, but most likely do not belong to the same person
0-0.49Very Unlikely MatchThe information has no common factors.

Matching Examples

We review the customer's full name and postal code on the account they're attempting to connect. For examples of what the matches will be in each range, review the sections below. If not all fields are available, only the fields that are provided will be analyzed in the match score.

Name Matching Examples

1Exact MatchJohn Doe, John Doe
0.80-0.99Strong MatchJohn Doe, Jon Doe
0.65-0.79Possible MatchJohn Doe, Jane Do
0.50-0.64Unlikely MatchJohn Doe, Steve Doe
0-0.49Very Unlikely MatchJohn Doe, Air Bud

Postal Code Matching Examples

1Exact MatchH3B 5E8, H3B 5E8
0.80-0.99Strong MatchH3B 5E8, H3B 5E8A
0.65-0.79Possible MatchH3B 5E8, H3B 5E5
0.50-0.64Unlikely MatchH3B 5E8, H2B 1F5
0-0.49Very Unlikely MatchH3B 5E8, N2T 1F5