Make Your First API Call

This is the first API request that needs to be executed whenever you want to retrieve data from a connected account.

Flinks API needs to confirm the validity of the request and to know which account you want to retrieve data from. To do so you will exchange your loginId for a new requestId.

For that, the /Authorize endpoint needs to be called using a POST method, and it requires a loginId, and the parameter MostRecentCached:true.

To make it more concrete, let's suppose that you are opening a new session to retrieve the data for the loginId: 5e115eac-1209-4f19-641c-08d6d484e2fe:

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{

This is how your response will look like:

    "Links": [...],
    "HttpStatusCode": 200,
    "Login": {
        "Username": "Greatday",
        "IsScheduledRefresh": false,
        "LastRefresh": "2019-05-09T13:47:46.5227901",
        "Type": "Personal",
        "Id": "5e115eac-1209-4f19-641c-08d6d484e2fe"
    "Institution": "FlinksCapital",
    "RequestId": "1243c283-e0ca-4fda-a5e4-343068430190"

The loginId (5e115eac-1209-4f19-641c-08d6d484e2fe) was successfully exchanged for a requestid (1243c283-e0ca-4fda-a5e4-343068430190). Now that the session is active, we have everything we need to place a call to retrieve financial data.