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Flinks Connect

Flinks Connect is the module that assists all customers in connecting their bank accounts in a secure and intuitive way. All the complicated bank multi-factor authentication, edge cases and errors are handled so you don't have to — all while keeping credentials from ever hitting your server.

You also don't have to worry about maintenance since all new supported financial institutions are added automatically. The design and the customer flow can be customized, depending on your use-case and brand experience.

Flinks Connect is a component of your app that needs to be added in a webview. No hosting or additional server is needed.

Flow Overview


The end-to-end integration requires client-side and server-side configurations.

  1. User successfully connects an account using Flinks Connect.
  2. Flinks issues a loginId to your client-side and user is redirected to the landing page.
  3. The loginId is sent to the server app.
  4. App server exchanges loginId for a requestId to receive the data.

About loginId

After an account connection has successfully been authorized, Flinks Connect will issue an loginId. It allows you to access the data collected for that particular account via the Flinks API. Once you have retrieved the loginId, you should store it securely on your app's server side and never share it publicly. We explain how to do that just below.

By default, an loginId does not expire. If your use case requires it, we provide an endpoint that will allow you to completely delete it and all associated data. Details on the /DeleteCard endpoint can be found in the Flinks API Reference.

The loginId will always be the same for the same bank account, as long as it's not deleted.

What’s Next

Now that you know what Flinks Connect is capable of, it's time to play with its configurator!