We offer you a sandbox instance as a default starting point to try out Flinks. All examples in this documentation will use the sandbox environment. This will allow you to test the integration and functionality of the Flinks service using the dummy institution and test bank Flinks Capital for free.

For security and privacy reasons, you are not able to make live connections to real institutions in this environment.

Production Environment

Once you have completed your development and testing in the sandbox, our team will set you up with a private instance of the production environment to complete your integration process. This will allow you to connect to real accounts and use the full Flinks service.

In this environment, you can still make requests to Flinks Capital at no cost. However, any successful live requests will be invoiced.


Private Instance Setup

If you don't have it setup already, please contact our team at [email protected] who can set you up with a private instance before you can go to production.

When your integration is completed and your business is ready to go live with Flinks, the is one last step required. You need to make sure that all API calls and iframe URLs are pointing to your private instance.

And then it is your "Hello World" moment.


Going to Production

Ready to go live? Make sure that you are using your private instance so you can connect to a real bank accounts! 🚀

What’s Next

If you don't have yet a private instance and want just to get started with a Sandbox, don't worry, and just Start your Integration!

If your integration is ready to go live, make sure you follow the right steps to Go to Production.