Ensure Aggregation is Set

Let's make sure we're starting from the best point!

By now you should already be familiar with most of the steps to set up Data Aggregation and the process to retrieving Financial Data. This section will just provide a quick recap as to what the required steps are that need to be completed prior to setting up the /Attributes API call.


Anytime you want to access an end user’s financial data, you will need to use the loginId associated to that user’s account to make a request to our API.

Here is a step by step overview of the API calls flow:

  1. A successful connection redirects the user to the landing page of your choice. At this moment, a loginId is issued and sent from your client-side to your server.
  2. When you initiate an API call, the loginId is exchanged for a requestId with Flinks API and a session is initiated.
  3. Once a session is active, you can request for data and receive it. If you place a request while a session is loading, it may return an error. If this happens, retry after the session finishes loading.


Note on Making API Calls

If you have not already set up these API Calls, please refer to 'Make API Calls' or head over to our Flinks API Reference for more details around setting this up.



You should now be able to:

  • Receive a new requestId with incoming loginId by calling the /Authorize endpoint with the parameter MostRecentCached:true
  • Request ready-to-deliver data with the /GetAccountsDetail endpoint and handle 202 OPERATION_PENDNG responses
  • Request pending-to-deliver data with the /GetAccountDetailAsync endpoint for previous 202 OPERATION_PENDING responses